Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Online fun

I was back on the online trail playing on both Party Poker and Pokerstars. I tried the step challenge on Party and bought in for $200 on level 3 and easily navigated my way to level 4. The table I was on was extremely tight and we still had 8 players left when the blinds became 100/200 so it effectively became a crapshoot and I tumbled back to level 3 so will have another go later in the week. I don’t think its something I’ll be buying in to again but it was fun.

Over on Pokerstars I had my longest online poker session of the year. I started playing $50 heads up Omaha tournaments and I won 4 on the trot. If I ever have to play poker as a sole source of income I could see those being the way forward. After I got bored of those I started multi tabling playing the $3/$6 Hi/Low Pot Limit Omaha, $3/$6 Pot Limit Holdem and a $3/$6 No Limit Holdem. I started with $300 on each.

On the $3/$6 Hi/Low Pot Limit Omaha I started with $300 and was up to a high point of $800 but when holding top trips and the Ace flush draw on the river a low came which also gave my foe a straight and I ended up about even on that table. On the $3/$6 No Limit Holdem table I quickly doubled up to $600 playing short handed but the table soon filled which was my cue to leave.

The best part of my night was the $3/$6 Pot Limit Holdem. I soon found myself heads up and I started hitting some major hands. I held KK and it flopped K66 and my opponent had A6. That doubled me up to a $1000. He kept pulling out the maximum and i had his number. He was winning 70% of pots by playing aggressively but crucially I was winning all the big pots. I kept hitting the flop and letting him do the betting and he never passed when I check raised him. I reached a high of $3200 and then finished with $2800 when new players started joining our table.

So all in all it was a good night. My average win rate online this year is a whopping $300 an hour. If its 25% as good as that by the end of 2005 I will be a very happy man.

Still haven’t decided whether to play in Brighton this weekend in the festival.

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