Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A few thoughts

I was thinking about the New No Limit Holdem game they are running at the Vic on Tuesdays with a minimum sit down of £50 and a max of £300. Online players have a bad reputation but some of what i saw was as bad if not worse to what i find online. With ante's of £1/£2 in the 90 minutes i was playing, every preflop raise had at least one caller with more often that not there being 3 callers or more. One raise of £20 pre flop saw a full table call. On a full table players were raising pre flop with small pairs and hands like JK, TK and TQ. Also players were often raising with any A preflop. There is definitely scope for a decent player to make some serious money in this game. One guy was sat at the table with £2000 when i arrived. From watching him for the duration of time i was at the table one thing was very noticeable. He played far less hands pre flop than any other player at the table. A coincidence? I think not.

I also picked up a tell on one of my opponents. I wouldn't say that noticing tells is one of the strongest assets of my poker but i definitely got one on this guy. He is quite a regular at the Vic so i shall be stalking him from now on.

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