Monday, January 10, 2005

Its official - I’m an idiot

Was back at the Vic last Friday playing the minimum £250 Dealers Choice. I started off with £700 and quickly won some big pots and was up to £2200 at one point. Maybe I should have stopped which is always easier said than done. I then went up and down till I made a ridiculous mistake. We had been playing Omaha Hi/Lo practically all evening except for the odd game of lowball and Stud. Anyway on a flop of 27K with 2 hearts and me holding the A34K I saw fit to re raise all my chips thinking I’m drawing to the nut low and the nut flush. WRONG .. I hadn’t realized the game had changed to Omaha high so in fact my £1200 had sailed in to the middle with the nut flush draw only. I didn’t even realize until after I declared I had the nut low that I had lost the entire pot. I was angry because the dealer hadn’t declared the game had changed and because the plaque which tells me what game we were playing was difficult for me to see as I was left of the dealer and the button was to the right of the dealer I couldn’t actually see it without leaning forward.

It won’t be a mistake I’ll be making again in a hurry.


redsimon said...


I guess at least on-line that cannot happen! :) (though I once played O8 on Party for 20 minutes on a Limit Omaha high table, only spotted error after I hit nut low and won nothing. Luckily I was up 10 big bets before I spotted my mistake).

Are you playing any of the two festivals Luton or Brighton?

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i guess so. My only consolation is that at least i still had a reasonable draw.

I am going to both Brighton and Luton. See new posting today :-)

Are you going to any of them?