Monday, January 17, 2005

Have i ever made an easier money?

Just sat down 20 minutes ago to play a bit of online poker. Decided to try out Victor Chandler so i deposited £200 and took my seat at the $1/$2 Omaha Hi/Low game. Second hand in with $400 i raise $70 to play after an initial pot raise with AA23 and pick up one opponent. Flop is T62 and my opponent raises and i go all in for another $330 and he calls. What monster does he flip over? 4556. Wow what a Hi/Low hand that is! He would need a complete miracle to scoop with that sort of garbage. I won the hand and am up to $800.

This guy really is playing like a maniac and has probably chosen the worst type of poker to play this way. He manages to get up to $700 by getting extremely lucky against another player. Soon he tangles with me again though :-)

I call yet another pre flop raise from him with A277 and it flops 78K. He bets $100 and i call. Next card is a 7 to give me quads. He bets $200 and i reraise him and he calls another $400. What does he show me this time? Another monster hand K236. A 4 comes on the river and i scoop $1450.

After literally 20 minutes i was up to just over $2000 from $400.

That really has to be the easiest money i have ever made.....

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