Thursday, January 06, 2005

In and out of trouble

I continued with my poker New Year Resolution and headed to the Vic last night to play a cash game. The only game that interested me was the minimum £250 sit down Dealers Choice. There were two bad players a couple of average ones and a good player so it was too tempting to resist.

It seemed the game of choice all evening was Omaha Hi/Lo Pot Limit. I sat down with £1000 and immediately went card dead and I mean really dead. On a 7 handed table I didn’t scoop a single pot for 90 minutes and saw A2 only once in a starting hand during that time and was down to £350. I then hit quad Kings on a KK2 flop only for someone to hit a backdoor low when I was all in to split the pot. It seemed whenever I had a high hand it flopped low and vice versa. I eventually lost my last £250 when I had the Ace flush draw and the nut low draw but the board paired on the turn and the river high card meant I lost the whole pot.

Then I had to decide whether to continue as my cards and luck were very bad.

I decided to pull out another £1000 thinking that I was due some cards and my luck would change. I quickly lost £400 of that when I held JJ in Holdem and flopped top set on a TJ7 board and my opponent hit his straight on the river after I put him all in. Another 30 minutes of getting no hands saw me down to £350 which meant I was down £1700.. yikes! I then called a £25 raise preflop with 44 and the flop was 49J with two diamonds. I check from under the gun and the player who made the initial raise bet £150. I went all in and then the guy to my left reraised another £500. The initial raiser passed. Now I feared the player to my left may have a higher set. However, this player could have a number of hands as he is very loose aggressive and he could just be isolating me heads up with a big draw. Turn a 5 and the river a 3. He says, “You got me.” He turns over the Ace flush draw. Phew finally I won a decent pot for £1100.

I then hit a few hands and won a couple of £100+ pots and found myself just £300 down for the evening. On a Hi/Low Pot Limit hand I was then dealt 23389 and it flopped 239. I raise £25 to play and one of my opponents re raised me for £100. I call. River brings a 9 to give me the complete nuts. My opponent bets £100 and I raise another £400 and he thinks for a minute then calls. River card an A so the board is 2399A. This card is evil as it gives the low and he potentially has 9A or AA as which beats my full house. He bets £1000 without thinking. Hmmm I don’t like this at all now. I guess he must have at least the low and perhaps has me completely beat. After a long think I pass and he shows me AA. It was the only card in pack he could scoop with. How lucky.

That hand really set me back as I would have been in profit for the evening of about £300 but instead was back down to £1100. I then played super aggressive and picked up some decent pots from bluffing and when I made a full house on the river and decided to call it a night with £1600 in front of me and a loss of £400 for the evening.

Overall I don’t think I played my best poker and the cards I was getting were mostly garbage. So a lucky escape I think…..

I may make an unprecedented third trip to the Vic in a week on Friday.

*STOP PRESS* I am yet to play online in 2005.


Anonymous said...

your Blog is very interesting,what was the initials of the 2 loose players? also the player who raised 500 then folded?

Milkybarkid said...

The initial raiser only raised £150 so he probably had one pair or was bluffing.

As for details of the players. I am not good at names, especially poker players as i know so many faces i rarely remember their names.

Both of them were foreign guys. There was also practically a fight on my tabel between two Vic regulars which was very amusing. Both of them wanted to take it outside but it got broken up by the management.

Big Dave D said...


Your last hilo hand was very ugly, especially for five card. You need to be very careful if this is not your main game as there are a lot of ok to good hilo guys in the south who will grind you out if you play too loose.



Milkybarkid said...

I totally agree my Hi/Lo hand was ugly. I only paid £5 to see the flop and the guy who held the AA hand that beat me also only brought in £5 as he was hoping to check raise. We also only had 20 minutes left before the game was due to finish as we were playing 5 handed and 2 players had announced they were going to finish when the next table charges came around.

Perhaps you can answer a question for me relating to a specific hand?

I check raised under the gun in a Hi/Lo hand with A234K with the A and K being suited making it £75 to play. The original raiser then raised again and made it £300 to play. What would you have done now? Raised again? I had £1400 in front of me! I called and it flopped 668 rainbow. I checked to see what his move would be and he bet £700. After thinking I passed figuring at best I would win the low, perhaps chop the low and lose the high unless I hit a runner runner flush.

Big Dave D said...

Hi Kid

I am not sure I am in a position to offer definative advice as I am playing particularily shit at present. Clearly the fold on the flop is a sensible one. What I would say about the preflop action is that your hand, if you stop to think about it for a second, would really prefer more callers rather than play headsup, because its high equity without improvement is quite low. This is true for a lot of plo8b hands, unless you have aa-kk in them. Whether you raise utg or not is a matter of taste and game composition. One of the key questions in a plo8b hand is "do I want more or less callers?" Nearly always you want more. FWIW it would be a fine hand for raising with limpers. Hope this helps...also there will be more on my blog v soon,