Thursday, January 13, 2005

Omaha on Stars

In a bizarre twist of fortunes my online results are going far better than my live results so far in 2005. I played in the $5/$10 Pot Limit Omaha on Stars and was generally getting big hands that were standing up. One flop saw me all in for $600 with top set on a KT4 flop against two callers and no flush or straight arrived to allow me to triple my money. Then a very aggressive player arrived on the table and kept raising the maximum before each and every flop. After he had blown $2000 quickly I picked up AATJ double suited. As I knew he would raise I called and he raised the pot to $70 a couple of other players call and I make it $300 to play and he goes all in for $1000. Everyone else passes and I call his raise. The board came a relatively safe looking T4272 with no flush. However, he had whacked his $1000 in with TTKA. I was back down to $2000 so decided to call it a day rather than go on tilt. I’d only been playing for 45 minutes so a profit of $1200 was good.

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