Saturday, June 03, 2006

Swing swing swing

What a week! Not a particularly good one either..... had another very bad night on Monday losing £30000. This week i have played around 80 hours... the most i have ever managed in a week. The figures look like this:

Mon - £30000
Tues - £8000
Wed + £27000
Thurs - £12000
Fri +£5000
Sat +£8000

I need to cut out the nights when i am losing over £20000 and fast. I should impose a stop loss i guess.

Betfair have a new sign up bonus of $800 for June. Details are here

I am heading to Paris next week for the WPT... i'll try and do a few updates from there.


andy said...

hey i was bored last night and watched some of the NL25/50 on crypto last night. some pretty crazy stuff.

i do have a Q about your standard pfr though, it looks like a tourney style raise of 3xbb (no limpers) when most people seem to be favouring pot/4xbb raises. 3xbb is letting hands in a little cheap imo, but then i noticed u played wide range of hands, so maybe its then easier for you to get away from them.

feel free not to comment if you feel you might be giving away info about your style of play.

KingBenno said...

Yah these swings are sick.....
Thinking of stop loss myself, just done £5k myself tonight, (similar in comparison to you doing £20k+ to me I guess..)....
But what about all the nights when you come back from £20k down and turn it into a small profit?
Surely its not a matter of a time period of 'losing money' but whether your playing well and you think the game is good etc....Surely its wrong to stop playing if the game is so weak, your playing well, but just because your £20k down on the day?
Hmmmmm, good luck in Paris anyway =)...

Anonymous said...

my eyes are watering,
cu in paris bucko

Milkybarkid said...


I guess i just favour making it 3xbb as a standard raise. If there are limpers i'd probably raise 4/5 times the BB if i decided to raise. Also, at 25/50 i prefer to keep the pots smaller if possible, as they are still well worth winning!


Yeh there have been plenty of nights when i have been stuck for alot of money and come back, but losing 30/40/50k is just obscene money. Plus, i am probably nowhere near my best when i am losing big, so when i do get it back its probably from semi tilt. Hopefully there won't me too many more major losses in a single night!