Wednesday, June 14, 2006

WPT Paris

No good. I busted after four hours with KK v AA. Hadn't seen a hand in the first three levels so it was impossible to put down. The World Series is just a few weeks away, so hopefully my luck will be a bit better out there.

I did learn how to play Chinese poker on the way out from Roland De Wolfe.... and i won a quid on the trip thanks to that game.

I'm not going to play so much online in the next two weeks, including a full week off before i fly. I need to be fully prepared to play my best poker for 3/4 weeks of tournaments in Vegas, and I think the break will do me some good.


Tall Mat said...

Unlucky in Paris.

I sent you an email about the Betfair rake a couple of weeks back so maybe it didn't get through. My email is m 'at' tnewman 'dot' com.


Skegby said...

Having seen your post regarding your schedule for the WSOP I think it is definitely in your best interest to take some time off before you get to Vegas. If you do go far in any of the early tournaments it may be worth rethinking playing almost every day... I think a big thing to think about as well is that most UK players can't help but think of the experience as as a working holiday, especially if people are there for 4-6 weeks, so the timetable that you gave in the last blog may be very difficult if you plan on having fun (which you should) at the same time... All the best, Stu.

Milkybarkid said...

tall mat

Try emailing me again at