Thursday, June 08, 2006

Some hands

As i have been playing so much of late i've played a few weird/interesting hands....

- £10/£20 PL Omaha. 6 handed. I have a £5700 stack. I check the big blind after no raise with TcJcQcKc. Flop 2c7c9c. I check and the button makes it £120. I call. Knowing the player he is very likely to have raised his button with a suited ace, so with having 4 clubs in my hand i am confident he has the bare ace. Turn 3c. I check. He bets £260. I call. River Td. He now bets £600 into a pot of £880. Normally i would simply call but i figured him for the bare ace. So i minimum raised him another £600, as i knew it would be too much of a temptation for him to fire a big bet back at me even with the bare ace. He reraised the full pot of £3280. I called and he did have the bare ace. I scooped a near £10000 pot. I don't think i will make that play too often :-)

- £25/£50 NL Hold'em. 4 handed. I have £6200 stack. I make it £150 to play with 9cTc. Just the big blind called. Flop 2c7cJc. The caller now pushes all in for £6500. I have never seen him play before plus he has already made this move twice in the 30 minutes i have been at the table, and got no callers. I just couldn't pass. I called and he had the Ace flush. Yuck. Anyone pass there?

I played live PL Omaha for the first time in ages last night at the Western. It was a £500 minimum sit down game with running £5 antes. I was down £4000 at one point, and managed to turn it around to win £3000. It feels more satisfying to win live than online. I plan on playing some live cash in Vegas during the WSOP, so it was good to get back in the swing of things.

Online has been going well this week, so i am going to have a more relaxing week than the last couple, and start watching the World Cup. Also, i am off to Paris for the WPT event Monday so i don't want to tilt myself for that.


Tall Mat said...

Nice move with the K-high flush and, no, no-one passes the "I've got the bare Ac" all-in overbet!

Couple of questions - any recommendation where to play PLO in Vegas (I'm going out there 20th July) and do you still have a rakeback deal with Betfair?

Cheers and gl in Paris.

snoopy1239 said...

Hi Ben,

That second hand...

Did he just push all that in on the flop with no preflop action or had the pot built?


Standaman said...

In answer to your question on folding to the massive overbet with a made flush in the NLHE game, it would make me stop and think but I call it because it looks like he does'nt want a call. It is therefore a brilliant bet when you are holding a made flush but pretty stupid the rest of the time.

Good luck

Milkybarkid said...


PLO in Vegas. Last year i played a few times in the Rio and the games were good. Everyone i have spoken to since, says that the best place to play is the Bellagio. So i will try there this year.

Yep i still have a rakeback deal with Betfair. Email me if you want me to set something up for you.

Milkybarkid said...


The only preflop action was me raising to £150 and him calling from the big blind.


Yeh its a great move if you can find an opponent with a hand. I tried it myself the next day, i pushed all in on a JQ6 board for a massive overbet with JQ and got called by QK :-)

Tom Steuart-Feilding said...

I'd have taken that second hand on - I would imagine he either had 3-of-a-kind or a flush - and if it was a flush then your Tc should take the pot.

Mind you, I play for tiny-weeny stakes so I would have probably already succumbed to a heart attack once I had called.

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