Thursday, June 29, 2006

Six month review

Vegas is just around the corner now... 9 days and counting! I'm staying at the Wynn for two weeks and the Rio for the rest. I thought it would be good to break it up a bit, so i don't get bored of the same bars/restaurants etc.

I've played a bit of poker this week. Three winning sessions... no huge wins though. I'm playing a bit smaller, as i don't want any major losses before Vegas. I may not play now before i fly. June was good. As online months go its probably the best so far.

I set some goals for 2006 here ... as its half way through the year i thought i would check to see how they are going, and set some new ones for the second half of the year.

Not go broke.

I gave it a good shot in January, but haven’t got close to a zero bankroll since. Hopefully as the bankroll increases, this will become less and less likely.

Enjoy what i do. I love playing poker but get overly stressed whenever i lose or get knocked out of a big tournament. I have the best job i could hope for.

Its been a fun year in general. I’m really looking forward to the World Series, and am still enjoying what I do.

Make the money in a WSOP and WPT event.

Well WSOP is around the corner so will see how that goes. May fail in my aim to make the money in a WPT event this year. Will hopefully get at least one more chance this year.

Win £150000+ online.

Very very close on this one. Despite some brutal swings I’ve nearly achieved what was probably my number two goal for the year after not going broke!

Play at least five WSOP events at at least two WPT events.

Will have managed this by the end of July

Stop reading poker forums. I like what i read 10% of the time. The rest irritates me.

Still reading poker forums. Have to much free time not to…

Win 3 tournaments with buy ins over £750

Not even close. Be extremely tough to achieve this one. I’ve only played nine tournaments this year. I’d settle for a bracelet ;-)

Reduce my tilt to a manageable level.

Hmmm… its improved slightly but its still there. Hopefully I can keep it under control as much as possible in the second half of the year

Not play any Limit poker.

Not that I can remember. Maybe the H.O.R.S.E tourney in Vegas will be my first limit poker of the year! lol

If i'd been offered the six months i've had at the start of the year i would have taken it. The only major disappointment was my failure to take advantage of the excellent position i was in during the EPT grand final.
Now for some additional aims for the second half of the year.

- Start playing and becoming profitable at Limit poker. I've seen the kind of money that the good players make at this, so i'm going to give it a try.
- Play at least 30 tournaments and make at least 4 final tables.
- Have less than 3 days where i lose over £30000.
- Win more in tournaments than i have in the first 6 months of the year.

A couple of the bloggers are running regular updates on the WSOP. So click on these links if you fancy reading them. Rob Sherwood and Chris Fargis.

One other thing. My Dad has been doing mortgages for a few poker players/people who gamble for a living lately... so if you are interested you can email him here.

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Stevie P said...

hi ben

Just read the whole blog, took hours.

Just wanted to say good luck in Vegas and keep us updated