Thursday, May 25, 2006

36 hours of mayhem

Wow i had the most crazy 36 hours online ever this week. I loaded up Betfair on Tuesday expecting a normal ish day but had the most horrific day possible. I must have gone 5 hours on 4 tables and not won a single pot over £1000 short handed. Ran bad, played not so good and had horrific luck, a lethal combination. I finally went to bed £25000 down and not happy.

I never know whether its a good idea to play the next day after such a heavy loss, but i hate being stuck for the week so thought i would try again. Cue more ridiculous bad luck, i lost with with Aces in Omaha three times all in preflop for a combined total of £20000 worth of pots. My opponent had the Aces as well each time and spiked a flush or two pair pair on me. I decided to try some £25/£50 NL Holdem which didn't go to much better, and after a few reloads of £3000 i was down £53000 in just 24 hours. I was so sick. 53 large was well over the online pain threshold.

I decided it was time for a break, and two hours later i was ready to go at it again. Between 10pm and 2am i won £45000. Got £25000 profit in the £25/£50 NL Holdem, and the other £20000 in Omaha. So after all that stress i lost £8000, and it feels like i had a big win. Rakeback is probably £3000 as well. Amazing that my biggest ever online loss in a short period is followed by my biggest ever win.

I am off to Dublin tomorrow to play in the second leg of the Showdown Poker Tour. Hopefully they will get more runners than the London leg. I may post some of the big pots i played during the big swing over the weekend.


andy said...

damn thats some crazy censored.

Mattastic said...

Hey Ben, what a crazy few days!

Could you recommend some good Omaha books for me to read through? I'm primarily a Hold'em player but would like to branch out to Omaha and have more fingers in more pies!



Tesco Codes said...

How did you feel about being £50k+ down?

Like the price of a brand new BMW M3!, were you on tilt on your comeback the next day?

Must have been a relief.

GL in Dublin

Rob Sherwood said...

Can't get my head around those figures at all. I need Dubai to teach me to gamble more. Great recovery, Good luck in Dublin.


Tall Mat said...

Nice comeback - as you say that must feel like a big win. So much better than the other way round of being £50k up and ending the day £8k down!

GL in Dublin and keep up the posts - great blog.

Milkybarkid said...


I haven't actually read very many PL Omaha books,and the ones i have i wouldn't go as far as recommending.

Has anyone else read a decent one?


Milkybarkid said...


Losing £50000 was not good. I had a slightly worse loss than that over a longer period in January which felt much worse. I guess the more times i lose big, the less painful each individual loss becomes.

The comeback was a big rush. I wasn't really on tilt. Just playing very aggressive and finally hitting a few big hands and getting paid.

Hopefully i won't be blogging about any more £50k losses soon.

ragboy11 said...

great blog and u r obviously a very good player.i heard about chessa's ak lay down in monte carlo against u,what was your take on it? i have never rated the guy (have played live with him many times)and am amazed he stays sponsored -4 me that has to b 1 of the worst plays by a pro ever.when he was asked if he put u on aa or kk he said no - i just dont understand

Milkybarkid said...

The hand against Tony Chessa was quite a strange one. I didn’t think he had a hand as strong as AK, and I was surprised he laid it down. Maybe he figured it was probably a coin flip, and didn’t want to take the chance even if he had the correct odds to call.

I can’t remember the chip stacks exactly at the time, but I think it was most of his chips to call.

colluders anon said...

i watched you play and lucky pete play and collude the omaha table when it was just 3 handed and its a fucking disgrace that you get away with this shit.May you collude against the wrong type of person next time and get more than a cash beating.cunt.

Milkybarkid said...

Colluders anon

That has to be the single funniest thing i have ever heard...

If you had stayed and watched you would have seen lucky pete take about £10000 sterling off me heads up.

Colluding eh???

Game #1986190833: Omaha PL (£10/£20) - 2006/05/30 - 04:26:02 (GMT)
Table "Mirach" Seat 4 is the button.
Seat 4: LuckyPete (£17165.82 in chips)
Seat 6: Bennyboi (£1409.37 in chips)
Bennyboi: posts small blind £10
LuckyPete: posts big blind £20
----- HOLE CARDS -----
dealt to Bennyboi [Ad Kc 6d 9h]
Bennyboi: raises to £60
LuckyPete: calls £40
----- FLOP ----- [7s Kd 5c]
Bennyboi: bets £120
LuckyPete: raises to £480
Bennyboi: calls £360
----- TURN ----- [7s Kd 5c][2d]
Bennyboi: bets £869.37 and is all-in
LuckyPete: calls £869.37
----- RIVER ----- [7s Kd 5c 2d][2h]
----- SHOW DOWN -----
Bennyboi: shows [Ad Kc 6d 9h] (Two Pairs, Kings and Twos, Ace high)
LuckyPete: shows [7d Ah 5d Ks] (Two Pairs, Kings and Sevens, Five high)
LuckyPete collects £2815.74 from Main pot
----- SUMMARY -----
Total pot £2818.74 Main pot £2815.74 Rake £3
Board [7s Kd 5c 2d 2h]
Seat 4: LuckyPete (big blind) showed [7d Ah 5d Ks] and won (£2815.74) with Two Pairs, Kings and Sevens, Five high
Seat 6: Bennyboi (small blind) showed [Ad Kc 6d 9h] and lost

Highstack said...

I have no idea what kind of roll you are playing from, but those figures are just plain scary.

Congratulations on your recovery, but I hope you were not jeopardizing your long term goals by playing through.

Could you have handled another session if the £45k win had been another negative session? Did you get out purely by gambling and not playing poker? I hope that my assumptions are wrong.

Best of luck in Dublin.

NWsixer said...

Fucking hell.

How do you cope with swings like that? I know you must love what you do, but surely it's an example of poker being a nightmare for a source of income.

For causal players a swing like that would kill them. I suppose when you play for a living it stops being money and it's just fuel to keep the game going.

Interesting reading though!

Milkybarkid said...


I guess i did gamble a bit to get the 45k back. I had an hour where i hit everything.

I was lucky to recover so fast after the loss i guess. The bankroll can't take too many days like that!


The swings are just part of playing poker for a living. Its still feels pretty horrific when days go that bad. Hopefully there won't be too many more of them.

andy said...

hi,ben i just stumbled across ur blog after a boring day at the office and started reading it. vv interesting and u ovbiously no what ur talking about. i have a few questions that i would like 2 ask u about poker in general. a bit of background on me 1st im 24 work full time but play poker on average 2-4 hours perday. been playing just over 1 year. notible acheivments, played wpt in reno march 2006 which i won entrance too online, march till present won 2 times $3000 at rounders 10 seater sit and goes, finished 3, 4 and 5 in a 100 rebuy mtt making me $4.5k. before march i hadnt won anything serious as not into poker so much untill i came back from the wpt event in reno.

My problem is i lost over half the amount i won playing 5/10 nl texas holdem in about 4 days. ovbiously im not very good at playing cash and am way out of my depth but find it hard 2 get motivated 2 play lower stakes as i make good money in mtt,s and rounders ( which is progressive sit and goes with top level buy in $500 but 1st gets $3000) i know real poker players in general make money playing cash even the tournament stars on tv live off cash games.

the question is how long did u play lower stakes cash games and how long did it take u to work ur way up. also how do u disipline urself when u have a healthy bank roll in relation 2 ur life style (i mean i work full time so the $10,000 i had at 1 point was all good didnt need any of it 2 live on so gambled alot away at cash i regret it now though :( )

i hope this post makes some sense look forward 2 hearing ur response
regards andy piper

p.s congrats on ur finishes and results u have posted on this blogg keep it up and ur new house will be a mansion :)

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Andy

I guess i played lower stakes online for a few years but i never was really into it. I only got playing seriously when i gave up my job, and i had the time to concentrate.

I've never been good at disciplining myself to play within my bankroll either, and have often come close to losing my bankroll playing in games too big. I was playing 10/20 with just a £20000 bankroll at one point which is obviously way too small.

GL with the poker!