Thursday, December 15, 2005

Xmas beckons - 2005 review

I had one of those days again earlier in the week when everything was going wrong. At one point i was stuck for £16000, so much for taking it easy online in December. Fortunately, i then went red hot for about 5 hours, and managed to actually end up winning £6000. Think thats my biggest ever swing in a day. On two seperate occasions i turned $2000 into over $10000 in the PL Omaha. Most of my downswing occurred in the NL Holdem, when i had the nut straight on 4th street against a set, and a £10000 pot ensued. It paired up on the river.

I guess its that time of year to do my review of 2005. Especially as i am off skiing over Xmas and will be busy up till then. Back when i decided to give up the job at the start of the year i said here that my aim was to make £40000 profit for the year. Well unless i somehow manage to lose my mind between now and the end of the year, i can safely say that i achieved that.

My other aim as i stated at the end of 2004 was to finish in the top 20 in Europe. Well i am going to fall a bit short on that one. I'm around 30th at the moment but it doesn't really bother me. I guess priorities changed, I never travelled to Blackpool, Brighton, Birmingham, Walsall, Sheffield chasing ranking points or many of the other ranking events that took place in the UK. If i had, i am pretty sure i would be in the top 10. I really haven't played that many tournaments compared to some players. People always say that i should be more controversial on my blog. Well looking at the current European rankings i only rate 3 players in the top 10. Some of them just play nearly every tournament, so are bound to be there.

I'd absolutely love to do my worst 3 tournament players of the year. That would be fun.

Through the course of the year i managed to win £163000 in tournaments for an outlay of £40000 ish icluding sponsored money. Well beyond any expectations that i had. Am i good? Who knows.... Am i lucky? Who knows. Basically its too early to tell as far as tournaments are concerned. Ask me this time next year. I had 5 cashes over £10000 including two big ones around £50000. I do feel i have an edge, but next year i could do really badly in tournaments. I just need to keep concentrating and trying to improve. Only time will tell.

Other than tournaments my main focus has been playing cash online. Overall it has been a very good year. I had a run between August - end October that was just unbelievable. November was quite bad... i lost over £10000 on about four seperate days that month. I hate those days they are just sick. I have to learn to expect them when i am multitabling on £2000 buy in tables.

Not that much to report about live cash. I'm not even sure if i am up or down this year. Either way its marginal. I've hardly played. Too lazy when i can just walk 10 metres to play online cash whenever i like. I still really enjoy playing Dealers Choice when i get the chance.

Getting sponsored was great and if you fancy playing a tournament at 4pm this Sunday which is a £10 rebuy on Betfair, they are adding £3000 and you get a video ipod if you knock me out. Details are here

Now on to the poker aims of 2006. In no particular order, apart from the first one ;-)

- Not go broke.
- Enjoy what i do. I love playing poker but get overly stressed whenever i lose or get knocked out of a big tournament. I have the best job i could hope for.
- Make the money in a WSOP and WPT event.
- Win £150000+ online.
- Play at least five WSOP events at at least two WPT events.
- Stop reading poker forums. I like what i read 10% of the time. The rest irritates me.
- Win 3 tournaments with buy ins over £750.
- Reduce my tilt to a manageable level.
- Not play any Limit poker.

It may be my last post of the year depending how much i play... have a good Xmas all... and let the poker force be with you.


Gary Rhodes said...

Congrats on a good year Milky. Get the lot in 2006 :-)

ilico said...
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ilico said...

Well done on 05 - and best of luck with your 06 goals. Have enjoyed the read...

Standaman said...

Okay so you are courting controvesy let me guess who you rate in the current rankings

Dave Colclough
Pascal Perrault
Keith Hawkins

Well done by the way on some strong performances in 2005

whichpoker said...

Just read your blog after reading about you on pokernews - very entertaining and well written - enjoyable despite the gut wrenching bad beats and swings.

Do you always manage to keep your cool after bad beats, or do you ever react and tell them just how lucky they have been to pull of a runner runner win?

Enjoy 2006 - malcolm

Milkybarkid said...


Not quite right in the guess. You have one correct... one other is Rob Hollink. Which leaves one more.

Milkybarkid said...

Whichpoker - I must confess i don't always keep my cool. The occasional rant goes in the chatbox but not very often. Its tough sometimes when you lose a £5000 pot to a miracle to stay calm.

Dubai said...

Ben is a TILT MONSTER :)

Good luck in 2006 mate.