Saturday, February 25, 2006


Well it took me 56 days but i have finally broken in to profit for 2006. Things haven't exactly gone to plan this year so far but hopefully the bad runs will improve me as a player in the long run.

I have been mainly sticking to the PL Omaha with the occasional bit of Hold'em. As the sterling table doesn't get going too often at Omaha the swings are slightly lower than Hold'em, though the way i play Omaha i am often in for a fair few buy ins.

I have been bashing my head against a brick wall online now since mid November last year. As a punishment i now analyse any pot i play over $2000 to see if i am happy with the decision i made. One day soon i will post a day's pots over $2000 to see if any of the people that read this agree/disagree with my analysis. There will probably be a fair few.

I was meant to be playing in Walsall as i type this but circumstances made it impossible, so the main event at Monte Carlo could be my next tournament.

Time to hit the tables again i reckon.....

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