Monday, February 20, 2006

Calling ground zero

The swings continued last week and early into this week. I had a horrendous couple of days last week where i managed to lose £20000... i have recovered £17500 since but am still annoyed that i can't seem to put together a winning run. Every good run is followed by a bad one. If only i had stopped everytime i was £5000 up in the last week i would have won every session.

The biggest pot i lost went like this. Playing three handed £10/£20 PL Omaha. I was on the button and made it £70 to play with KcJsTh9c. Flop 9d6hJc. Chufty now bets out £210. With top two pair i made it £840. He called. Turn is the magic card the Qd to give me the nut straight. I bet £1600. He called. River Kh. So AT is now the nuts. Chufty moved in for £4490. I should have passed but paid him off in irritation more than anything else. He had 8dAsTd7d.

Crypto have also opened up a £25/£50 NL Holdem 10 handed game. I thought i would give it a try so sat with £3000. After just 3 hands i couldn't beat A7 with AK and that was that. I built some massive stacks playing £10/£20 10 handed so haven't given up on the game yet.

It is still annoying to be down for 2006. I keep getting very close to the figure to break into profit... maybe in the next week or so i will manage it.

Its probable i will travel to Walsall for the main event next weekend. I have only played three tournaments since last November, so feel i should make more of an effort to play the main events in this country.

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