Monday, February 13, 2006

EPT Deauville main event

Of all the tournaments i have played it i can't remember ever playing so long with such bad cards. I eventually bombed out on level 9 but i think i only saw about 15 playable hands preflop in that time... and my starting hand criteria is hardly tight.

Mind you, i can hardly complain as during level 4 i amanaged to survive and all in with Qs6s against AA. I raised on the button. The guy in the BB reraised me and i thought he was weak by looking at him so i pushed. Flop 257. Turn 8. River a 9. If looks could kill i would no longer be here now.

I did get to 25000 through bluffing but the two times i got AK in the tournament i walked into short stacks with KK. Finally blinds were 400/800 and i had QK and pushed against Julian Thew who had AJ and called and i was out. Hopefully, i will get some better cards in Monte Carlo..... which may be the next tournament i play in a few weeks.

I have had a bizarre weekend online as well. I have got above $15000 from $2000 on the $10/$20 PL Omaha table on three occasions this weekend but am still only a few grand up. Mainly due to losing three $10000 pots.... two of which were almost even money shots and one which was just ridiculous. There is one player who is my complete bok at the moment, he will call any draw regardless of how bad is odds are and always make it against me. Recently he called a $2700 check raise on the turn with a Jack flush draw nothing else. I then had to pay him off my last $1800 on the river, as the pot was too big to pass and i knew he would bet any improvement.

The biggest pot i won which was $14000 went like this. I made it $60 to play on the in middle position with 678A DS. Flop 45K two hearts giving me the small flush draw too. Early position makes it $200. I make it $700 and the guy on the button calls. Early position passes. Turn 6 to give me the nuts. I checked and my opponent bet the pot of about $1700. I considered check raising but felt he would definitely fire again on the river if he is bluffing so called. River a blank 2. I check and he moved in for $4500 and i called. He had the Ace flush draw no straight.

I played a bit of Holdem as well and it seems my January luck returned in this hand. One limper to me and i made it £100 to play with 99 on the button. Limper calls. Flop A92 with two diamonds. He checks and i bet £250 as i have given up slowplaying sets and i was get done. He calls. Turn a T no flush. He checks. I bet £500. He moves in for £2400. I call and he has TT. That did have me steaming for a while.....

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