Monday, February 06, 2006

The games

After the long sessions and the thousands of hands i played in January at both Holde'm and PL Omaha i have decided to cut back slightly on the number of tables i am playing. Playing five tables can be great when the going is good, but brutal when its bad.

I is also very mentally tiring to put in the kind sessions i did in January. Playing for 10 hours on the spin faced with big decisions every few minutes is pretty stressful.

I need to get some consistency back. November/December and January have been very swingy. I am going to stick to two PL Omaha tables and one NL Holdem for a while, to reduce the amounts i am risking daily.

I really love playing Heads Up PL Omaha. I managed to lose $4000 earlier in the first three hands i played and then spent the next two hours getting it back and finishing even.

I am wary sometimes about posting certain hands as they may give away a bit too much about how i play certain situations particularly in Omaha.

Here is one big hand i played and lost earlier. 6 handed. Everyone limps to me in the button. I make it $100 to play from the SB with AKQJ DS, two callers. I have $3800 in front of me. Flop K23 giving me a king flush draw. I bet $300 and both players call. I think that one of these probably has the Ace flush draw so i would be very wary if a third diamond comes. The turn is a T bringing a back door flush draw. I now have a wrap on the top straight. I bet the pot again and the player behind me reraises and the third player passes. Its another $1000 to me and i have to call. The pot was $5500 ish. Now i got to see his cards. JQ78 and the back door Queen flush draw which pops in perfectly for him on the river.

Heading to Deauville tomorrow with Dubai, Ben Mayhew and Pommo. Will hopefully update how the tournament goes if i have net access in my room.

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