Thursday, February 02, 2006

Great Week

I have had a great few days at the tables. I am actually winning the crucial big 60/40 pots and i have even been lucky a few times in big pots ... call the police. Mon - Wed i won just over £30000 including winning £16000 on Wednesday in about 90 minutes. That was some rush. Got to $10000 on an Omaha table and £9500 on one Hold'em table.

I have also been playing the £300 and £500 six pacs with ridiculous results. So far i have played five £500 ones finishing 1st, 2nd, 1st, 4th, 2nd and seven £300 ones coming 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st, 1st, 2nd. I have been hitting cards and winning coin flips in them so i can't imagine i can keep up anything like that form.

The table that i won i turned £1500 into £9500 had the worst players i have ever played high stakes with.... two players were almost all in on any hand and it was just a case of picking up a decent hand and playing it strong. They were doing big overbet bluffs so slowplaying was a key too.

Some hands

- I am dealt JJ on the button. Two players limp. I make it £99 and pick up the two fish callers. Flop J56. How to get there money here. Checked to me. I bet £99 again hoping one of them will reraise. They both call. Turn A. A good card if one of them has A5 or A6 or even just an Ace. First guy checks. Second guy bets £400. I call. Other guy folds. river 5. He bets £600. I make it £1500. He calls and mucks 88. lol

- A small blind big blind battle. Easy one this. I have AA. He has £2200 in front of him. I make up the SB. He makes it £100. I make it £200. He moves all i for his stack. I call and my AA holds up against 24 off.

- I am dealt QA suited. Guy who raises every hand preflop makes it £80 i make it £300 from the SB. He calls. Flop Q46. I checks. He checks. The turn is a 4. I check again and sure enough he moves all in for £1300. I call. He has 58 so is drawing to a Gutshot that he misses.

- I am dealt 99. Same two opponents. Both have £1700. I make it £300 to play after one of them makes it £80. They both call. Flop 347. They check to me. I bet £400. They both call. Turn a Q. they check to me and i put them all in. One caller with 45 which misses.

- I am dealt AT suited and call a £200 to play raise. Flop TJ4. He bets £200. I call. Turn a 3. He checks. I check. River a 3. He bets £1200 all in. I call as there is far too much chance he is bluffing. He has T9.

The PL Omaha has been good too. I have recovered my form and feel like i am going to win every time i sit down again. I did win a $9000+ pot that i thought was quite interesting as i called a huge bet on the end with not very much.

- I am dealt 7sTsJdQd. I have $4500 in front of me. I make it $90 on the button to play. BB makes it $250, one other caller. I call. Flop 7dTdKh. I flopped a bit of everything. Bottom two pair, second nut flush draw, and straight draw. Original raiser makes it $750. Other player passes. I considered reraising but just called. Turn 4c. Instead of betting the full pot of $2250 he bets just $1300. If he had a set or top two in this position i am sure he would protect it against the draws. It almost felt like he was leaving himself enough to bluff the river, as if he had bet the pot and i called i would have been pot committed. The river was a 3s. He moves in for my last $2150. I go with my read and call with middle two pair. He shows AAK2 with the nut flush draw and i take the pot.

All i hope for February is that i run with normal luck, as i know i win when that happens. Thats it for this week as i am off to Poland for a stag weekend, and then on to Deauville for an EPT event.


Big Dave D said...


I don't believe you are rushing that well at all. I believe an average figure for a pro at your level to be making is at least £10k a week. Easy.


Dave D

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Dave

I imagine the swings are much greater than £10k. Especially when playing 5 tables of 10/20 at a time. I find 10k daily swings regular.... sometimes even greater.

Better get back to the tables :-)


danmonkey said...

Methinks some heavy irony from big dave. I refer you to Dpommo's latest blog.

Dpommo said...

What is wrong with aiming for at least £10k a week, I take it you are suggesting it is a stupid aim danmonkey lol?!