Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January finally ends

Well it’s been without doubt the worst month on my poker journey yet. The loss which was creeping towards the six figure sterling mark has been reduced to a level where i don't feel quite so sick about it.

As I now have poker tracker I can see the following stats.


£10/£20 NL Hold’em – Hands 14119 Hours 170
£10/£20 PL Omaha – Hands 9322 Hours 153

I have also decided my laptop is rigged for playing poker. I imported my hand histories from my laptop and they made for grim reading. Well considering that included Oz its not so surprising.

The last week or so has been much better. Seven of my last ten sessions have been winning ones, which considering how the month began has been a lifeline. I am still not running with any kind of form though. It’s more of a battle. People keep hitting sets against me in the NL Hold’em, when I have big hands. Luckily it’s not like every ten minutes which is what it seemed like for a while. There has been some particularly bad players on the Holdem table this week, which has certainly helped the figures.

One hand that particularly amused me.

- £10/£20 NL Hold’em. Ten handed. Some guy decides he wants to bet £20 into the pot all the time regardless how big it is. He makes it £60 to play preflop. I call in the BB with QT off. Flop 89K. I check, he bets £20. I call. Turn a rag. I check, he bets £20. I call. River a J giving me the nuts. I check, he bets £20. I move all in for £2300. He calls and muck 8T off. Mmmmm fourth pair calling a £2300 bet into a small pot.

On a side note. I sat at the table with Dpommo earlier for little over an hour. Wow that guy is blessed. He hit a set versus my two pair, another set to double up and nut full house against second nut house in a £8000 pot.


KingDubai said...

Be fair to him mate he lacks the talent of someone like you or me so he has to rely on these ridiculous scenarios to live!! :)

Dpommo said...

The cheek, if we are comparing luck you have to come out on top my friend!

Will await todays update with interest ;)