Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lets go

I have arrived in Barcelona for the first EPT event of season 3. After not playing much poker for the last month i can't wait to get playing again. I hope i don't get too carried away and bluff all my chips away early. I see that the structures for the first four EPT events have been standardised, which is a good move. With four events in five weeks i hope to be on good form.

I am also looking forward to playing again online. The PL Omaha games seem to have got bigger everywhere and i'll probably be playing $25/$50 from now on all being well. I have also been thinking about how i can play in bigger games. I would like to play $50/$100 and $100/$200.... if anyone has some serious interest in backing me, or buying a percentage drop me an email here. I will explain the deal that i am offering.

Betfair are running a tournament in Singapore in November. It will be the first big tournament ever held in Asia. You can see all the details including how you can qualify or buy in direct here.

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TheWaster said...

Good luck fella. I would buy a percentage of you, but I doubt I'd get much back for the five big blinds I could afford.

Incidentally, TheWaster blog is back up and running - featuring our taxi journey to Deauvile... :)

Any chance of a link?