Thursday, September 28, 2006

Betfair Plug

There are some really good promotions for the Betfair Asian Poker Tour this weekend. Rather than type them out here is the link. Remember to download using this link if you want rakeback.

This is a very good one... there are loads more.

Win 5 Stts (6 or 10 handed) in a row at any stake during the weekend and you win a full package worth $8,000! Unlimited packages available to be won!
Just win five STTs in a row between 1800 (UK Time) on Friday 29th September 2006 and 0600 (UK Time) on Monday 2nd October and we'll be seeing you in Singapore!

Now all i need is a winning streak at the Omaha tables :-D


bluboy said...

hi ben...tried that link for rakeback but could only find the signup bonus...

is it possible for existing a/cs to get a rakeback deal?

Milkybarkid said...


It has to be a new account to get rakeback. If you open a new account and email me i will organise 30% rakeback!

PSmith said...

Hello Ben

I have just opened account on betfair and played for the first time yeasterday believe it or not against u do u remember me flopping straight and u folding 888. Anyhow would u beable to sort 30% rakeback for me please ?

Milkybarkid said...

Yeh i think i remember the hand!! :-)

Could you email me your Betfair username to and i will be able to confirm your rakeback.


_senh_ said...

Ben, specifically how does Betfair work out what constitutes as a contributable rakeback hand?

i.e. Is it based upon being dealt cards, whether you play in the pot or not, where rake is taken from the final pot of that hand? Or is it based upon actualy have to contribute to the pot, even preflop only (e.g. in the blinds)? Or is it based upon actual raked hands where you were at showdown etc?

And from there on, how do they work out what portion to work out the 30% from? I'm a bit confused you see, since for example if a pot was 4-way with 1 winner at showdown, and all were on a 30% rakeback deal, then Betfair would pay out 120% rakeback in total if it only pays the ones in the pot, i.e. 20% more than they received. Can that be right? If it pays everyone, then that will be 300% for a 10-handed game?!!

Please clarify.

toyzzz said...

good job in the main event on stars bannyboi. Unlucky to not get further.

Milkybarkid said...

Currently rake is divided equally between all users in the hand,
irrespective of whether they bet in to the pot or not.

Eg you have 5 guys playing $10/$20 NL. The pot is $1000, rake is $5. The users get $5 / 5 = $1 rake each for the hand. If you are on 30% RB then you get 30% x $1 = 33c (Woo!).