Monday, September 25, 2006

Big Stakes

The last few days i have been playing some £40/£80 No Limit Hold'em on Betfair with mixed results. The minimum buy in is £1600 and i have been sitting down with between that amount and £3500. I had a couple of winning days but yesterday was brutal. A £17000 down swing that i managed to claw back in the evening. Bad beat time now.... i had spun £1600 into £10000 when this happened.

- £40/£80 NL Hold'em. I limped in on the button with AA. SB calls and BB makes it £320. I call and the SB passes. Flop 227. He bets out £600. I call. Turn Q. He bets £1600. I min raise to £3200 and he pushes all in. I call and he shows Q7. River Q. That was a sick way to lose a £18000 pot.

The biggest pot i won was quite golden.

- £40/£80 NL Hold'em. I had 9dJd in the big blind and called a £240 raise from the small blind. Flop 6d7d8c. He bet £480. I made it £1200. He called. Turn Ts giving me the nuts :-). He moves all in for £3500 and is drawing dead with KT.

I also played the $1000 tourney on Stars. Busted with around half the field left with i had AQ on a AT2 flop. My opponent had AA lol.

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Fruitypro said...


I was wondering why you were buying in short for the £40/£80 game - is that a particular strategy that you wanted to adopt just for those stakes?



Milkybarkid said...

I think there is good money to be made from buying in short stacked, because the bigger stacks will often pay me off with inferior hands.

It requires a totally different strategy. I have to auto muck suited connectors and smaller pairs alot of the time, because there value is much less when I am only playing 20-30 big blinds.

Also i don't really fancy losing £8000 every time i lose a buy in. Bad days would be £40000+ losses.