Saturday, August 26, 2006

Poker Break

I have probably only played about 20 minutes since i returned from Vegas about two weeks ago. It a total poker famine which is going to last until i get to Barcelona on the 12th September.

Feels weird not playing at all, i was playing so many hours especially online January-May, and since then not too much at all with Vegas and loads of other stuff keeping me busy.

I'm really excited about the rest of the year with the tournaments coming up. EPT events in London, Barcelona, Baden and Dublin in a short period, as well as Betfair's own tournament in Singapore. Other than those i wil probably also play Masterclassics in Amsterdam, Swedish Open that i came 2nd in last year and the WPT at the Bellagio in December.

I am also going to order a new monitor. I need one that i can play nine tables with no overlap. Any recommendations??

I was in the opening broadcast by ESPN of this year's WSOP a few days ago. Someone is sending me a link to download, and if its interesting i will post it on here.


Nemesis said...

Stu H said...

Not many would argue that Viewsonic are specialist monitor makers so here's there biggest one. It's 23" widescreen with res of 1920x1200. Not sure if that will get 9 tables but will come very close if not.

Have you thought about getting 2-3 20" monitors with 1600x1200 res?

You'll get 8 without overlap

Good Luck Ben

Adam said...

Just downloaded the episode you're in. Great to see the hand with AA vs Matusow.

Would you have just value bet or checked it down if the river wasn't the 3rd 8?

Headphones were a bit big mind! ;-)

Nemesis said...

Within 12 months all sites will have adjustable tables - meaning you would be able to make the table bigger or smaller.

snoopy1239 said...

Hi, Ben!

How come you're not playing?

Are you burnt out after Vegas?

Milkybarkid said...

Cheers for the monitor info!

Regarding the WSOP if the river was a blank i probably would have check called. By betting all in i was hoping he would call with a queen. I should have probably value bet it to induce him in a bit more.

Snoops - The reason i am not playing is that i'm in France on a driving trip. Bring on Barcelona though, i can't wat to get playing again!

Nemesis said...


James said...

Ben, this is a really entertaining blog. I have put a link here from my poker blog at

I hope you dont mind ! All the best !