Friday, September 22, 2006

EPT Season 3 - London


Got up to 27000 after 3 levels playing pretty good. Then i lost a few coin flips aganst shorter stacks and had a bad level and was down to 15000....

Card dead and everytime i raised, someone reraised big and i couldn't call.

The end was interesting though. I had 8700. Blinds 200/400. Running 25 ante.

I had just moved to a new table. Middle position opened for 1500 and i pushed all in for my stack with AQ. My opponent casually counted the extra chips which was a about half his stack and called. I feared i was dominated and he turned over K8 off. The King rivered in a pot just short of 20k which would have put me back in it. Sick.

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andy said...

he obviously put you on K7o