Thursday, September 14, 2006

EPT Season 3 - Barcelona

A strange tournament for me so far... i spent most of the day short stacked between 5000-8000 (10000 starting chips) and had a bad spot on a table which made it pretty difficult to many many moves. I finished the day with 22000... average 27000. I am happy with that considering my table and hands i was dealt. I can only think of two big pots i played the whole day which both doubled me up.

- Blinds 100/200. Cut Off makes with 600. I had AA in the BB. (Only pair over TT i had in 9 levels). I made it 1900. He pushed all in with AsQs. The flop was scary giving him a flush draw but it missed and i was up to 13000.

- Blinds 400/800. I had 10500. Roland De Wolfe raised the cut off to 2500. I was the the SB with ThJh. I considered pushing but called as i had a good feeling about the hand. BB called. Flop 8hJdQh. I pushed all in and Roland called with Q7. Turn a 9h to give me a straight flush. My first ever in a live tournament :-)

I didn't play great, but not bad either. I was very patient which is probably why I survived the day.

There are around 510 runners i think. Which makes it the biggest prize pool for an EPT event yet!

I had quite a few emails asking me about what the deal is for backing me to play 100/200 PL Omaha. I will respond to them all in a few days after the EPT.

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