Saturday, May 31, 2008

Vegas Update 3

Bleurgh busted out of the $10k PL Hold'em event. I actually played really well for the first 5 levels, steadily chipping up to 60,000 (20k starting stack). Something happened though when i moved table, i started playing really badly and got mad at myself. I finally busted out with 7h8h v AK for David Benjamine, all in preflop for a 40k pot. It rolled out AKxxx lol.

Just got lucky ish (well i was about a 35% shot) in an $80,000 pot on Full Tilt and banked a $65,000 win. Feels like i had a bad day, but its actually been pretty decent.

Got a day off tomorrow, probably head to the pool and relax a bit. Feel knackered after hardly any sleep in the last 48 hours.

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Anonymous said...

UL in the tournament. That pot pays for your whole trip so is now a freeroll. lol donkaments