Monday, May 19, 2008


Hmmm been playing a fair bit of 200/400 PLO in the last week or so. I'm about even but running horribly in all the crucial big pots. I haven't played that many big pots but here are a few of the ones i found!

Outdraw in $58k pot

So many outs miss again

Huge draw gets there on river

Another sick hand i lost

I've only played about 800 hands which is a tiny sample. Hopefully i can get a run together in the game at some point. Without a huge tank on the site it's tough when you don't win the big pots....

Just nine days now till Vegas. I should force myself to have a few days off before i go, so that i'm not tilted before i even start to play tournaments.


Anonymous said...

the 99 one is especially sick as you kill most of his outs....


SimonG. said...

The hand of most interest was the pot you dragged with a rivered flush. It came through the back door, so your flush obv doesn't have to be as big as it would have to be if there was a 4-flush on the flop. But how much can you allow for this? Or put another way, if you had both been deeper, how much would he have had to have bet to make you seriously think about folding?

Ukgatsby said...

gl in Vegas

UK Poker Player said...

Hey - good idea about taking a short rest before your tournaments. Sometimes I play for free online, just to keep myself playing and enjoying. Sounds like you will have a good time in Vegas - good luck!

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Simon

If we were deep stacked i'd still have definitely called the turn reraise from this particular player.

There is about $27k in the pot on the turn... if we were both deep and he bet $16k or more on the river i'd have to consider folding depending on the player. He could easily have raised the turn with two pair and a flush draw/set and a flush draw.

Its tough to fold a backdoor flush though so i definitely call against most players.