Sunday, June 01, 2008

Vegas Update 4

Woooooo just won $150k pot. On a bit of a rush online. Up over $300,000 in the last three days. Live has been going well too. Added to my $22,000 NL cash game win with a $14,000 win yesterday. My biggest pot with me calling a $4000 river bet with 3c5c on a A23TT board. He mucked. Wander if its possible he mucked the best hand 44-99?


gtycoon said...

So you called his $4000 bet on the river and he just mucked without showing or you showing?

Anyways nice stats for the last 3 days.

Anonymous said...

i see cts metioned he was playing you in his blog, dont really think ur play was that suspect do you?

UK Poker Player said...

Whoa dude! Way to play, a $150k pot! You must be feeling a rush. Give us more of the details when you get back from Vegas!

Milkybarkid said...

gtycoon - Yeh he mucked without me showing! I didn't show my cards either, was just happy to rake the pot.

Yeh saw what CTS wrote about this hand -

Personally given the game dynamics and his range i don't mind shoving the flop. Sure when he calls he will often be favourite, but often he passes, plus he may pass a bare AAxx type hand.