Friday, May 23, 2008

More 200 400

I finally managed to win a decent pot for $93000 on Full Tilt. It does help when your opponent is drawing dead by the turn.... not really sure of my opponents river call. It would have been a sick read if i had shown up with total air, the problem is that i may be "bluffing" with 77-KK type hands, which he can't beat.

There has been alot of decent action on the $50/$100 PLO games on Betfair too since my last post. Here are some hands from there as well..

Nut Flush good for $42,000 pot

Rivered full house good for $35,000 pot

Sick sick turn card

Lucky in this $35,000 pot

The best part of the week though was not any of those pots, it was Man Utd beating Chelsea.... i must run good!

**Registered for the $25,000 HU tourney tonight on Full Tilt**


Anonymous said...

Some of those hands are played terribly. The villain is shocking especially.

micko said...

Jesus how bad is Steve Sung? obviously a massive fish in the game!

Anonymous said...

See you're playing the FTP 25k HU tourney, GL looks like a pretty sick field, will be watching!

Mark said...

Hey Ben, More eye watering hands!

Have a new blog and added you to my blogroll already ... idea is to have an 'alternative' look at poker news.

If you'd be so good as to add me to you 'roll that would be great, new blog is

Cheers, Mark (Plan3t Gong Blog)

UK Poker PLayer said...

Hey - those are some crazy hands, don;t think I would have made some of those same plays... but until you're the one at the table, who knows eh? Great job with winning the decent pot on Full Tilt!

Anonymous said...

hi ben,

just wondered how you got on in the $25K heads up?
what alias where you playing under?

Milkybarkid said...

I didn't make the cut for the $25,000 HU tourney! They needed either 64 or 128 runners. They got about 90 so they unregistered all thos who were after number 64... including me!


Hello Ben,

Great stuff sonny jim!
Shame you weren't in $25k FULL TILT, I downloaded it to watch you!
I qualified for a $109 OMAHA tournament tonight on IPOKER, so will try and win it for you! Been reading your advice on Omaha on Betfair. V.Good!
Best of luck, Hope you Win LOTS!