Thursday, May 03, 2007

Moderate Tilt

Still running pretty sick though i am not losing which is a consolation. Earlier i was up £20000 and playing good, and then lost two really brutal pots where i was over 85% in both of them when the money went in. These things happen but these came in consecutive hands. I quickly had to switch the computer off.

I had a very good rakeback spin up though :-) .... I turned my rakeback from £1000 to about £40000, before going backwards just over £10000 and cashing out. Felt good though as i didn't have to deposit!

Its not long to go till the WSOP. Less than a month till my flight anyway. Hoping to play in around 10-15 events in my first stint between June 3rd-23rd! Will definitely be taking a well deserved break from cash games in that period!

Man Utd lost as well which was pretty sick. Should win the league though maybe this weekend!!


Wayne Blodwell said...

I'd be interested to know how did you spin the £1k ino £40k, what was your method?

So sick bout united aswell, half the players deserve to be sacked for their performances last night!

Wonky said...

Sit down at 5/10 and hit the gas i should imagine? How long it take ?

Milkybarkid said...

It took two days.

Started at 10/20 NL and doubled up. Then got to $5000 playing Omaha. Then sat in as a short stack in $100/$200 NL Holdem and doubled up.

Once i had $10000 i got the rest playing $25/$50 PLO.

julian thew said...

hey milky,
i head out on the 3rd too...stopping at bellagio, be good to hook up

Rob Sherwood said...


I'm booked for 31st May, also staying at the Bellagio.

See you over there!

Milkybarkid said...

yeh i am staying at the Bellagio as well! Light bar here we come :-D