Sunday, April 29, 2007

Betfair Poker Plus

Betfair are launching Betfair Poker Plus tomorrow with loads of changes to the software. You can see full details if you click here. You can also email me ( if you are interested in rakeback. A few of the details are below as well:

Betfair Poker Plus is a new version of Betfair's poker software that allows you to generate multiple tables in separate windows and then stretch, shrink and arrange them around your screen to suit you.

This break from the rigid display options of earlier versions of our software will give you much more freedom over how you want to play your poker. If you like to focus on one table then you can choose to fill your screen by playing at 200% standard size, alternatively you could shrink down to the smallest 70% size and get on with other things on your PC at the same time.

And for those of you who like to multi-table, it's a real treat as you can now "comfortably" operate up to 15 windows at the same time with quick and easy layered table formatting.

On top of all these developments, there are also additional usability changes such as being able to scroll the lobby with your mouse "track wheel" which will make finding your desired game even easier.

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