Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vegas countdown

Decided rather than have a break from online i'd have a crack at the 25/50 PL Omaha games on Betfair, which have been crazy in the last few weeks with 3/4 6 handed tables going sometimes. Turned out to be a good decision as i won $80000 on the day. I was up $105000 at $25/$50 at one point which must be my best ever day at those levels.... then i lost a bit back and some at $50/$100 and quit. Loads of hands... here are some of the bigger ones:

Didn’t think the sevens were outs

Spiked the river

Set over set

First real big pot of the day

Chase the Aces

Pair of nines wins $9k

Dominating hand

If this call had happened live in a $16k pot may have mucked before he showed

First of a few losses to quads

Running pretty good

I thought I had lost this one

Top two are good


Nice turn

Stack over $50k

Last hand of the first session which I played like a DONK

Quads over quads to tilt me

Trying some $50/$100

More $50/$100 … six outered of the river

Just four days to go now till Las Vegas.... bring it on!


the_main said...

Wow, nice.

Keep up the good work.

Mike & Lou said...

Hi Ben

I introduced myself to you last night at the Poker Player / Betfair Grand Prix final. I made the gag about the blog cull early on.

Well I ended up winning the prize, so hopefully meet up with you after you win the WSOP M.E

Good Luck


Ukgatsby said...

gl in Vegas Ben.


Anonymous said...

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