Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I have another televised tournament this weekend. The Betfair Masters of Europe. Looks like i found myself in an interesting heat. Here it is:

Ben Grundy
Roland De Wolfe
Marc Goodwin
Ram Vaswani
Jan Olav Sjavik
Peter Smyth

It should make for a good heat. Its definitely the toughest one i think!

I haven't posted any hands for a while so here are a few:

Its nice to run good part 1

Its nice to run good part 2

Firing three bullets that worked

Firing three bullets that didn't work

Heads Up sick beat

Heads Up the very next hand FFS

A cold deck


Kieran Walsh said...

those 2 HU hands are so sick!

Ruru said...

I bet you can't believe you're 5th in the betting on Betfair :)

Ukgatsby said...

gl gl
should be a fun heat

razboynik said...

Talk about aggression.
You must be an adrenalin junkey !
I've had some sick beats recently too. Is your mouse still alive ?

Anonymous said...

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