Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog Cull

I was taking a look through all my links and noticed a load of blogs seem to have been retired... so i will deleting them off in the next few days if they haven't been updated in the last 6 weeks. I added a few new ones as well. Having a break from online before the WSOP as i don't want to be on tilt before i even start playing tournaments...... i have never cashed in America so that will be the first thing to put right!


ProInvestor said...

Hi Ben,

TheSlayer here. Please add my site www.proinvestor.eu
A blog and some other stuff on it.

Thanks and good luck on the tables !

portdeco20 said...

good luck in wsop :D

Tx4theMoney said...

I'll say what i say every time i hear someone is playing the WSOP (especially the main event): Man I wish it was me!


Pab said...

Hows it going ben,

thanks for the pokertracker patch for betfair, might see you in vegas sometime over WSOP. If you could add my blog to your links when you get a chance it would be much appreciated, take it easy