Friday, March 30, 2007

Monte Carlo

I busted towards the end of Day 1 with KK v KK v AA. The other KK won lol. Really nothing i could have done as i didnt have huge chips before the hand anyway. Having a few weeks break from poker including a non poker holiday (must leave the laptop behind!) :-D


Mrz said...

Oh, so you were one of the guy they were talking about in an italian Forum.

Not the one with AA, but the other with KK...

Johnny Smack said...

Damn that is tough mate!

love your blog Milky! and after getting home from Afghanistan your blog has inspired me to make my own at:

I have added a link to you. If you get the time and get to take a look i hope u like it enough to link back.

GL Mate
Johnny, Denmark.

F-Badger said...


in the spirit of the post above. I have a link to yours too.

PS a bit Ul on the william hill event..... i thought antonio was a cheerful chap until watching that

Mal said...

For those of use paupers who don't have Sky any chance of someone putting up the Will Hill stuff on YouTube. I see there is already one 3 min clip of Ben Vs Esfandiari on there - but thats just a tease. Lets get the whole lot up.

the_main said...

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Robert "Animal" Price said...

ditto, had your blog linked for a while now as i like to follow your progress. i update very regularly unlike some of them linked here !