Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ground Zero

Finally i made it to the break even point for the year. Feels pretty good considering i was massively down at one point. Hopefully i can kick on from here and actually start winning :-)

I arrived in Goa a few days ago. Hotel is nice and the weather is scorching. A few drinks in the bar which you can swim up to isn't a bad way to spend a week. Tournament kicks off tomorrow. Looking forward to it. I have only played one tournament in the last three months.

Anyway just a quick update. The pool is calling......


Pokeking69 said...

Hey Ben, good news on the breaking even hopefully the run continues. good luck in the tourny will check for updates.

must say thanks for adding my blog as a link, if you check it out would appreciate your comments if you got time.

you ever seen donkey test? there a link on my blog, rates me as average, prob bout right but hoping to change that!! if you have a go let me know our rating, i gonna be going throught the questions on my blog explaining my answers, hoping to get some feedback see where i am going wrong.

anyway, goodluck


United113 said...

Good luck in Goa Ben..

You must have had a good February, best of luck for the rest of the year

Alex Martin said...

the pool is calling.......................................jammy git.