Monday, April 09, 2007

Sick March

January was my worst ever losing month online, followed by my best ever month in February... followed by a new record worst month in March. I won't bore anyone with hand history's but it got to a point where i couldn't even look at the screen, because i knew i was going to lose every big pot i played whether my opponent had a 70% or 5% chance.

Bankroll has taking a bit of a battering. So i'm going to avoid playing so big for a while. Definitely no $100/$200 kind of stakes. I had a nearly 10 days off playing because i needed it.

I am meant to be going to play the bellagio WPT Championship next week...but its 50/50 because i'm not sure whether to concentrate on recovering online, or take a shot at a huge prize pool.


Sunny said...

Go for the huge prizepool! 25k starting stack, long clock. good luck..

walker! said...

where u been playin online m8? iv heard tht u play alot of omaha online?

wb ryan

ps. i would say go for the huge prize pool from wot iv seen of u on telly u look a quality player!

Tommy said...

Hi Ben,

Read your blog for a while now and liked reading about the huge pots uve played in PLO, great reading mate.

I think Mike Caro wrote an article a few years back about `Occams razor` - basically saying the most simple answers to any (poker) problems are usually the right one. I`m pretty sure you could apply that here. If you arent running well i cant see how you may end up winning a major torny, to me its unlikely anyway but even more under your current run. Im convinced you will win alot of big tornys sooner or later (providing you stay in the game), and they will always be there waiting for you mate.

In my own personal experience (im a low limit grinder), when thimgs go tits up i resort back to basics - and knock all FPS on the head.

For what it may be worth,


MachoD said...

Hi Ben.
What nick you play under at Betfair?

Regards from Norway

Milkybarkid said...

I play as bennyboi on Betfair :-) Its a golden account!