Saturday, March 03, 2007

William Hill Grand Prix

My heat is on Skysports 2 at 10pm this Tuesday!! Still in Goa... no good in the tournament. Off to Dortmund for the EPT event a day after i get home. Maybe i will run better in that one.


United113 said...

Hi Ben

Am watching your heat on Sky Sports 2 at the moment. Shelley Mullet.. what a great name..

Anyway good luck for the rest of Goa

United 1 Liverpool 0.. well funny

United113 said...

Ace 9....


United113 said...

Well played Ben, really unlucky a couple of times (last hand..) but i hope you do well in the semi final

Amatay said...

wp Ben. hard luck with the KK. Sickness

Dan said...

Hi Ben,

Just to say your blog was recommended to me and i have now read it back to front. Really enjoyed it. I wish you continuing success and hope it just gets better from now.

All the best


littleacornman said...

Enjoyed watching you on the box last night.Good luck.

Milkybarkid said...

Cheers for the comments.

I only just got back from India and haven't had a chance to watch it myself yet.

The Liverpool game was quality :-)

RhyGK said...

Hey Ben,
Must say i did enjoy your comments when the A9 beat you. The under the breath 'disgusting' brought back the uni memories of filth being uttered every other word!

Even my mum was watching it...tho she wouldn't have recognised you if i hadn't told her it was you! You've aged so much since uni ;-)

All the best for the next tourney, hope we bump into each other again soon.