Thursday, February 22, 2007

Badda badda boom

Well things haven't changed that much since the last post. Things haven't got worse though which i guess is ok. I keep having alternate winning/losing days. Had a couple of massive losing days last week when i did a few buy ins on the 100/200 PL Omaha on Betfair. I am actually feeling more positive and have been playing alot better (i think).

This year i have played the biggest pots of my life. Here are the biggest winning and losing ones.

- $100/$200 6 handed NL Hold'em on Betfair. I have $60000 stack. I make it $700 to go with AK. One caller in small blind. Loose aggressive player with big stack. Flop AAK. How does this become a $120000 pot? Ridiculous. He checks... i check. Turn 5. He checks... i bet $1600 he calls. River a Q. He leads for $2000. I make it $8000. He makes it $24000. I push all in expecting a split pot. He calls and mucks. Yikes.

- $100/$200 PLO Heads Up. I have $55000 stack. Opponent has me covered. He raises his button to $600. I reraise to $1800 with 6677 double suited. He re re raises to $5400. I call. Flop 6s8s5d. I check he bets $10000 i go all in he calls with AAxx and the ace flush draw. Turn 3. River Ace. That was $110000 pot.

I decided a few weeks ago to go to Goa next Tuesday for the Asian Poker Classic. There is $250000 added minimum and the resort looks cool. I'll do an update from there....


Dremeber said...

Hi Milkybarkid,

I'm trying to set up a blog listing with all Poker blogs.

Please feel free to add your site.

Learning Texas Holdem Poker

United113 said...

Keep the faith ben..

Good luck in Goa, it does look like a nice resort

Anonymous said...

cu in goa birthday boy

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Julian

Seems everyone is going now! lol

You on the flight direct from Gatwick next week? (Tues am)

Mick McCool said...

Hi Ben, How u doin mate. Was wondering about this Goa Trip. Could you give me a quick run down please mate.


Milkybarkid said...


Tournament details here -

This is the hotel -

Its a $5000 buy in and we are flying direct from Gatwick - Goa Tuesday am at 00.30 with

If you want to go email me ( I can get you a deal on accommodation.

You will also need to get a visa from the Indian Embassy. Details of which are here -



Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Just watched you play Layne Flack HU PL Omaha Cap on Full Tilt. About the comment you made about him being so bad: You really think he played bad or did he just hit the deck most of the time? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

yeah same flight,
get the milkshakes in ok?

Mal said...

Good luck in Goa Ben. This is gonna be the one. I can feel it.


Milkybarkid said...

Nah he aint really bad he just kept winning 20% shots in capped pots. I was tilted so sat out.

Jonathan "JPK" Farrer said...

So sick mate.. looking forward to the trip, cheers for sorting all the details again..

will put up a link to your blog now... mine's