Monday, July 31, 2006

Now its freezing

Busted out of the main event... after playing for 11 hours.

Some random thoughts!

- I play better against good players.
- I shouldn't lose 5/6 pots with KK.
- Watching really terrible players winning so many pots by playing so badly, makes me think poker is not a game of skill.
- Be careful what you wish for. I had a tough table (ESPN table for 4 hours) to begin with and was playing pretty good, and built my stack with ease to 25000. I was wanting to feed on some fish though. My table broke.... it was the fish that ended up feeding on me.


Kieran Walsh said...

only 1/6 with KK is some sick dose! Best of luck with the rest of the WSOP

Highstack said...

Hard lines Ben. As you said no real expectations in such a large field. You will soon be back on track.

Good luck.

Erica1985 said...

Nice segment on WSOP show. Did you realise you sat back in your chair after you pushed all-in with A-A vs Matusow on the Q-8-6-6-6 board? Not sure if it had much bearing on the hand, but maybe something to watch out for in live play.