Monday, July 10, 2006

Vegas - Update 2 $10000 Pot Limit Omaha

I busted out of the Omaha after about 6 hours of play. Blinds started at 25/25 and i think after about 10 hands i was double the chip leader with 23000 ish. I hit top set three times and managed to win decent pots each time. It was the perfect start really and meant that i could afford to lose a few decent size pots without it crippling me. Couple of key hands that i lost then happened...

- I had AhTh8sQs. I made it 100 to play in middle position.... 5 callers. Flop came Qh9s5h so i had the nut flush draw and Jack for a straight. I bet 600. One caller and Paul Zimbler in the SB made it 2000 more. I called as did the other guy so there was about 8500 in the middle. Turn 7c.. so i now had a 6 for the straight as well. Paul no bet out 3200. This bet really priced me in to calling considering what was already in there, so i called. River a 4s and it was checked down. Paul had 5523 for a set and i mucked. I would have been on over 35000 if i won that hand.

- Next big hand blinds were 50/100. Someone made it 300 to play and i called with 467Q DS from the BB after a few other callers. Flop 35J giving me the queen flush draw as well. I bet 1500 and got two callers. Turn an Ace giving me my other flush draw as well. I check and the guy behind me bets 4500. I call as i need any 246 or 8 for a straight and both flush draws... so 24 cards improve my hand. I miss everything and start to feel its not my day.

After that i was pretty much card dead. I got lucky a few times when all in, and was between 1000 chips and 8000 for about 3 hours, but i just couldn't find a spot where i wanted to get my chips in the middle. My bust out hand summed it up.

Flop was A84 rainbow and my last chips went in... i had A8J4 and he had A8K7 and the king hit the turn.

Another day another tournament. Its the $1000 No Limit today no rebuy, so i'll get busy early or bust out i guess.


Robert Price said...

nice blog

unlucky, i dabble in low stakes omaha but am i bit concerned about moving up as im always a bit unsure when to pot bet to shut out players and when to put in a value bet and let them chase. usually find my position decides for me as i like to have position when in a big pot.

In your opinion has that 5523 played that hand terribly ?, surely after 2 callers and a blank turn he should be pot betting and shutting u all out. I guess the only reason he would slow up was in case someone had higher trips but then surely u or the other player would hav reraised the flop raise if that was the case ?

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Robert

That hand was interesting. I guess he went for the high risk strategy, to maximise his profit by pricing me in to call the turn.

Personally... i would have bet more as bottom set on a board with so many draws, as i would have been happy to pick it up right there.