Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vegas - Update 3

I gave the $1000 No Limit Hold'em a miss yesterday as it was full and the alternate list was huge. I decided to play the $2000 pot Limit Hold'em today. It was short and sweet as my QQ on the 4th hand walked in to KK. Very tough not to lose the 2000 chips with those cards... especially when it flopped Jack high.

Still feeling a bit tired/jetlagged so haven't played any cash games so far. My next event will probably be the $2500 short handed or the $2000 Shootout in a few days.

The Rio is better organised than last year. They have more food places and toilets, so the queues aren't so bad. I'm not going to start moaning about the lack of chips in the smaller events, as everyone knew that before they arrived. Be nice to have a few more though :-)


Highstack said...

I know that you are the pro Ben, so I am not going to try and teach my grandmother to suck eggs, but .....

I assume that to get all your money in on the flop with an overpair, that there had been a little raising war preflop?

If he is demonstrating any kind of strength, then AK or pp would be a reasonable assumed holding. The flop comes J high and that is of course nice for QQ, but to do your tournament here so early with what is fundamentally just a pair against an unknown quantity appears inexcusable to me. In a £20 on-line tournamnet it is forgivable, but not at the WSOP.

I assume that he showed resistance on the flop and if you gave him a pre pp then 5 of the 12 pp's are now beating you and some of the remaining 7 can probably be discounted.

GL in the next one and I wish you well in the rest of your trip mate.

Andy_Ward said...


You just don't have enough starting chips in these tournaments to make big laydowns. You have to double up quickly and thoughts of "doing your tournament" just don't come into it in my opinion.


Milkybarkid said...

Well the action went like this....

Think it was fairly impossible not to lose the 1950 chips that i had. The action went like this:

6 handed... two limpers. Button makes it 150 to play. SB calls. I make it 600 to play. Button calls and SB passes.

Flop 24J. How can i get away from it now with just 1350 in chips? I can't check fold... so i lead out and bet 900. He puts me all in.

He played it well by not putting the 3rd raise in preflop with KK. If he had i may have folded.

the hente said...

absolutely agree, nothing u can do about that one...

last year i played my first wsop event, a 1500, which at the time was a lot for me, so i thought i'd play very conservatively, take my time, etc... after 5 hands, half the players were allin-allin-allin at my table! it was like a crapshoot.

So i decided the ony interesting event would be the main one, so i'm playing it.

What day are you playing the main event milky?

Highstack said...

Hi Ben

Thanks for your response.

As the hand played out, you are right of course that you couldn't have got away from that.

Perhaps if your initial reraise had been to around 400 instead of 600, then you may have got the third raise you wanted, or have been able to lead out for 500 on the flop and still have folding equity. Of course, hindsight is a wonderful thing, so I am not trying to pick holes in the play.

I know they have a big schedule to fit in and the number of chips are equal to that of the buy in for the WSOP, but 2,000 chips really doesn't give you much room for manouvre in a high value tournamnet. Find a hand and run with it. A shame really, as I am sure that you get away there for a small % of your stack if you had 10,000 starting in front of you.

Anyway, tough luck mate and I hope that you cash big in the next one.

KingDubai said...

Ben, hope you are ok mate. If u need anything give us a call.

Dubai and Pommo