Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Vegas - Its over baby

Nearly time to fly back from Las Vegas again. I haven't played any live poker since i busted out of the main event. I spent the last few days funking for Richard Gryko, who stormed through the field and finished in 50th place paying $165000. He was due a big result. I had a decent percentage in him, so i've had a winning trip even if it wasn't a result of my own play :-)

Had a bit of a grim day online a few days ago. Not one of the worst... but certainly in the top 10. Lost a £14000 pot with KK on a AK6 board when my opponent had AA... sigh. Then the VERY next hand i had KK again shorthanded on the £25/£50 and walked into AA again in a £10000 pot. How i hate KK at the moment.

Luckily the bad day was followed by a good day which wiped out a hefty percentage of what i lost. A4 was good for a monster pot on a AQ4 board. It may have been the biggest pot i have won in No Limit Hold'em... at around £18000.

The next few months are going to be reasonably quiet poker wise. There aren't any tournaments i will play before the EPT starts again, and i am going on a non poker holiday for 5 weeks before that.


toyzzz said...

Hi Ben,

I spoke to you in monte carlo and you seemed a little confused which was understandable as i thought you were someone else, you were decent enough not to say what the fuck are you talking about, so good on you.
Anyway i was wondering about that KK v AA hand on the AKx board. How did that hand play out? I had exactly the same the other day and lost my biggest ever pot. The betting suaid what he had but i couldn't get away, anyway you could have got away?

Milkybarkid said...


The AA v KK played out like this. One limper and i made it £250 in the cut off (4 handed). BB called as did limper. Flop AK6 with two spades.

They both check. I bet £500. BB calls. Other guy passes. Turn 7.. still no flush. He checks. I bet £1250. He makes it £2700. I push all in. He calls and flips AA.

Don't think i could ever pass here. He could have AK, A6, A7, 66, a big ace, a flush draw and gutshot etc!