Saturday, May 13, 2006

River Rat

This week has been very good on the PL Omaha tables on Betfair. As weeks go, its been one of the best ever... i played every day Mon-Thurs and managed to have good wins every day.

Poker tracker really is my friend. I now have thousands of hands against my regular opponents, and over last weekend i spent a few hours studying my most frequent opponents statistics and replayed numerous hands. The information i gathered certainly helped this week. I also noticed an area i could improve and have put that right as well.

For those who have Poker Tracker my VP$IP is 79% over 37000 hands which basically means i am a loose fish! VP$IP is the % time i voluntarily put money into the flop. Most of the winners are between 35% and 55%.

Good luck to anyone playing this weekend!


TillerMaN said...

VPIP is money put in voluntarily PRE FLOP just in case you thought it meant what you said but was probably just a typo. You do not put money into the pot 79% of time on the flop or else you would be an omaha donkey =)

OnTilt said...

Is a lot of that headsup? By the way were you slumming it with some £100 NL yesterday or was it someone else with your account, you didn't chat?

Milkybarkid said...

hehe yeh i meant preflop!

Not so much playing heads up... i would guess maybe 10-15% of it. Its just my style to play so many hands.

Yeh been playing loads of tables to get my rake higher for Betfair's WSOP rake promotion.