Thursday, May 18, 2006

Fun fun

My run of form on the PL Omaha tables has continued since i last posted. I've had a few more great days including one where i managed to have two tables running with $30000 on one, and $14000 on the other where the max sit down is $2000. I gave some of it back but it was still a great day. I doubt this kind of form can last, so I am taking advantage of it whilst it does.

I have played some massive pots in the last week. Here are a few of them.

- $10/$20 PL Omaha on Betfair. 6 handed. I am playing a $29000 stack. I was dealt 7h7d8h8d on a six handed table in middle position and made it $60 to play. Everyone called to the SB who made it $200. All six players decide to see the flop. 833 SB who made the original reraise preflop bets $600. Second position calls (playing a $16000 stack).I think that the guy who bets out has AA or KK. He could also have a 3. The caller has almost defintely got a 3. I make it $2000 to play hoping that at least one of them plays on. The original raiser passes and the other player calls. Turn 2c There is $5800 in the middle. He checks. I don't want to make a milking bet as it makes my hand look to strong so i bet $4500. He calls. River K. Now he bets $9300 all in!!! I call and he shows 23KK. Yuck that was a $33400 pot i lost.

- $10/$20. 6 handed. I have $10000. Everyone limps to me and i make it $60 to play on the button with 3456 DS. BB makes it $200 to play. Knowing the BB he is nailed on to have AAxx with this move. 2 callers and i call. Flop As2h5h (I have no flush draw). BB bets full pot of $830. Everyone passes to me. He had $9000 and he probably has AAxx, maybe even with the Ace flush draw too. I decide to take a card. The turn is a 9c. He bets $2400. I just called again. River a 6s. He checked and i bet $5000. He called and mucked AAxx with no flush draw.

- $10/$20 Heads Up. We both have $10000 stacks. Opponent makes it $60 to play and i raise with KK77 DS to $180 to play. He reraises to $540 to play. Given the stacks we are playing i have a great chance to win a huge pot especially as i am almost certain he has AAxx. I call. Flop 732 with two of my suit. I check. He bets $1080. I raise the full pot and he moves all in. He has AA9T with the Ace flush draw. The flush comes on the turn and the river is a blank and he wins a $20000 pot.

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razboynik said...

Hey Ben !
You must have nerves of steel to handle such large swings in the bankroll. Have you tried the UB PLO game yet ?
Good luck.

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Andy

I have still not got started on the UB game yet. I have been doing so well on Betfair i don't want to risk a massive chunk of money by playing on UB yet. I'm sure i will have a go before the WSOP starts though!

Roberto Roundtree Rogelio said...

I don't understand how you lost the $33k pot... what was the river?

Milkybarkid said...

I just added in the river card!