Saturday, March 04, 2006

Monte Carlo

I am off to play in the EPT grand final on Monday in Monte Carlo. It seems crazy that a year has gone by since the last one. I see it as my anniversary of being a professional poker player. I finished my job the very next week. Thinking back to how the tournament went last year, i doubt if you put me back there now with the extra experience i have gained since, i would have done better. In fact, i am also certain i would have bombed out in day 1 when i was card dead trying a bluff.

As it was the biggest tournament of my life by a mile back then i played extremely tight and only made a very few select bluffs along the way. Which is probably why i made the final so short chipped. I put pressure on myself to do well in every tournament i play now so this will be no different.

Quick plug for Betfair. I think this is pretty cool promotion. They are offering a rake incentive for a free WSOP package. Basically if you rake over £28000 between now and June 25th you win a $15000 package to the WSOP. That is if you make Level 7 for the amount you rake. There are prizes for all the other levels of rake generated. Just click here to have a look. I can also offer you a great rakeback deal at Betfair as well so if you interested my email address is here.

Apart from yesterday when i dropped £5200 i have been on a great run online. In the past 8 days i have won £34000 playing just $ PL Omaha tables, which is the best run i have had I think. Someone pointed out thats more than Robbie Fowler makes in a week which amused me. I will try and do some updates from Monte carlo all being well.

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