Monday, March 13, 2006


Since I got knocked out of the EPT last week, something came to my attention. A certain player was chatting to Jen and Snoops of Blondepoker, and visibly expressed his delight at me being knocked out in 9th. Apparently he clapped his hands and said, “Thank fuck for that... thats great."

Who could this fine poker specimen be? None other than the European player of the year, Mickey Wernick. Whilst I have long had doubts over his playing ability, this proves what a nice chap he is as well. A truly great ambassador for Blue Square. They would have been far better sponsoring Jen Mason or James Dempsey. Whilst neither have the track record, I am sure that they would be far better representatives for the company.


Skegby said...

Ben. Congratulations on a fantastic result - I realise it's always hard not winning, but it's an amazing achievement finishing top ten for 2 years running. As an amateur poker player I've read your blog since I stumbled upon it a year ago, and would like to say that in my opinion your views and attitude towards the game and fellow players is always constructive, and you seem to handle yourself in a very mature and polite manner unlike some of the 'new' faces (and old faces for that matter!) on the scene. Good look in the future, I'm sure you have a long career in front of you. Stu.

mallas said...

I'll mirror what was said above really.

Your blog is an excellent read and I was looking forward to watching you on the final table TV broadcast! Congratulations anyway -a real achievement.

snoopy1239 said...


I'm not going say either way if what your friend heard was true or not, but you should never let the opinion of others get you down, especially when it comes to poker.

You played a great game and lost a 50-50 on the bubble.

Take the positives out of your perfomances and move on as a bigger and better player.


pokapoka said...

I agree totally Ben.

You've won more than micky wernick has done in all the years hes played. ignore him, obviously hes jealous of you and realises how crap he actually is at poker.

If you played back in the jurassic ages when he was playing you would have cleaned up, as would some of the other younger guys on the circuit.

Micky if you read this, don't kid yourself, your absolutly hopeless at poker and nothing will ever change that. Go join Simon Trumper, Barny Boatman and Joe Beevers on the scrapheap. get a job and don't get in the way of the newguard.

see you at the £5 rebuy in walsall next week. hopefully we can pick up some ranking points...

Isobel said...

Dear Ben,
You are young, good looking and very talented. The future is yours not his.

Anonymous said...

hi ben,
why tarnish a great performance by going public about one comment you heard thru the grapevine.
people say all sorts of crap, have a word with him before the world & his wife start taking sides...god i'm showing my age now

The Camel said...

Young? Definitely.

Talented? For sure.

Good Looking????? Izzy, would you like to borrow my glasses?

In Amsterdam in 2004 I didn't play to win and have never forgiven myself. You played to win and came up short this time. You have nothing to feel gutted about. Go get 'em next time.

Rob Sherwood said...


Congratulations. Superb result to finish in the top 9 in that tournie two years running. And €57k isn't to be sniffed at.

As for Mr Wernick, maybe you misunderstood the context. Perhaps he was saying it was great you were out so he could nip you. Or maybe he's jealous. He may have won the European Rankings last year but that doesn't mean he made a lot of profit as it seems he plays every single tournament.

Anyway the fact you wrote this on your blog proves you've been hanging around with Pommo a bit too much ;-)

Milkybarkid said...

I am away on holiday at the moment.

I will give a proper update about how the poker in Monte Carlo went when i return...

Murder_All_English_Rocks said...

Maybe it wasn't so personal? What was context. Maybe you did something retarded to him in the tournament or recently? We all do retarded stuff sometimes.

I hate lots of people on the tour and I have no problem voicing my opinion. Most of these people are rocks though, so they deserve it. You look like you're 18, maybe this sets them off. I wouldn't consider looking 18 a bad thing. Old rocks hate kids that win.

When I found out you had got 9th I just said "gay" to myself. No offense if you actually are :-).

Milkybarkid said...


The reason the made the comment public is because things had annoyed me in the past that i had kept quiet about. If i can't write what i want on my blog where can i put it?

Anonymous said...

true, true,
it's just once you state something like that, the floodgates seem to open & it's a free for all...have heat been in touch yet, lol
have a good break