Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Vic

I only played the £750 NL Holdem and the £250 PL Omaha Hi/Lo... i lasted just a few minutes when my plans for an early double up were scuppered when i missed my flush draw against pocket Aces. The Hi/Lo i didn't even finish the rebuy period. I was holding A256 on a 34T board with the Ace flush draw against A238 and A237 all in three way and the turn and river were pictures (no flush), and my opponents split the pot with their 3. I can't play the main event either so thats my tournament action over for the week.

Some good news. Betfair have agreed to sponsor me for the $25000 WPT final at the Bellagio 18-24th April, so i will be making my WPT debut which was one of my aims for the year. I will probably fly over around the 14th April to play the $5000 side event as a warm up.

Online has been great of late as well (though i will probably bok myself by saying so). So far this week i am up £11500 and in the last four weeks i am up over £50000. Long may that kind of form continue.

I was also interested to see that another big buy in tour has been added to the European schedule called the Showdown Poker Tour. Details are here. I plan on playing the first two events at the Gutshot in London and Fitzwilliam in Dublin. Entry is €5,000 so it will be interesting to see the kind of numbers they get.


RhyGK said...

Hey Benny, Rhianydd here.
Good to hear you're having better luck of late, hope it continues.
Interesting that you should be in Vegas in April, as I'm going there on the 17th, staying in the Luxor.
Maybe we can catch up for a few drinks in between your poker?

Hope to see you soon

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Rhy

Yes that would be good. Email me your phone number at