Friday, October 22, 2004

Pretending to be a fish :-)

I have many poker memories but one that will always stick in my mind is a visit to the Rainbow Casino in Birmingham. I was 21 at the time and anyone that knows me will tell how young I look now. I decided that as I was visiting a friend in Birmingham that I would go up a night early and try my luck in the Rainbow. I sat down with £350 at the Omaha table. I could see there eyes light up and I decided to pretend that I had hardly played before. I think they were competing to see who could skin the fish first. I decided to play a little trick on them. I called a £30 bet on the river when there was a flush and one other caller with a 7 flush. Of course I knew I was losing and probably to both players. This was part of the grand plan though. A few hands later I flop the A flush and slow play it all the way to the river as one guy was betting. I moved all in on the river and he called without hesitation and looked at me in disgust as I turned over the nuts and I was quickly up to £700. I think the other players are even more excited as there is now £700 to take off me. I then hit a monster hand which is probably one of my favorites of all time. I have 7789T and its 5 card Omaha. Its flops 567 so I not only have the nut straight but have straight improvements and top set and there is no flush draw. One guy bets £50 another raises to £200 and there are 4 callers including myself. The turn is a rag 2 and there is still no flush draw. I move all in for £500 and get 3 callers. I can't lose this hand unless someone hits quads though I know I may be in a three way spilt at the moment. Last card BANG a 7. I have hit quads and I scoop a pot of around £3000. A year or so later I bumped into one of the players that I played with that night and he was amused at my "I'm a newbie tactic."

My age has always been a major advantage to me playing poker especially with strangers. I have used this to my advantage many times. I'm sure players have played looser against me because they think I am just out of school. Poker is about edges and this has always been a significant one for me.

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