Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Vegas

Well i didn't go back to Vegas for the main event. I'm done with flying across the Atlantic for just one tournament, and because of the timings, its all i could have played if i had gone back. I have purchased a share in a few decent players to funk for.

I feel very pleased that i left Vegas when i did, it a tough place not to crack up if all is not going well. I've also had my best ever run online since i got back, winning $550,000.

A few hands from the last couple of days!

Not sure who plays this hand worse?

Big bluff

How i'm running at the moment


Ania said...

Hi Ben,

Be good to see a post from you about money management. When you have a big win do you withdraw and invest it? Property/Shares etc or does it just add to your bankroll.

With the number of players that have won a million and then gone bust do you have steps in place to protect yourself from this happening?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben,

Can u disclose the players u have a piece in?

Anonymous said...

Lol what a sik flop on the last hand!!

Ben u say ure up 550k is that includin the 400k from the last post?

Milkybarkid said...

Hi Ania

I will write about money management when i next post...

Anon - Rather not say who i have a piece in. It may bok them, i'll post if one of them does really well.

I'm up 550k including the 400k. Must be due a downswing!

Anonymous said...

What was your thought process in hand 1 ? Not criticising, just wondering.
Also, what led you to think your bluff would work in hand 2 ?


Milkybarkid said...

In hand one he three bet preflop which means that most of the time he wont have connected with a 346 flop. Holding 56xx in my hand, i can raise on a semi bluff knowing that even if he goes with a set or two pair i will still have 30%+ chance of winning, plus most of the time he folds to my flop reraise. If he has 57xx i'm just unlikely, and he hardly ever shows up with 57xx in this spot.

In hand two, the game was playing super big and i felt that there was little chance he held a 7... and even less chance he already made a full house. He even will lay down a 789Q type hands to the three bet on the turn. Its rare i make this sort of move, only when i have a really good instinct that my opponent is bluffing.

Anonymous said...

Hand 1 sounds ok, so why did you title it like you did i.e. "Not sure who plays this hand worse"?
What about your pre-flop call ? That hand look pretty bad but maybe it's ok. in a short handed game.


Milkybarkid said...


I guess its because we ended up all in, and neither of us had very much...

The second hand plays fine preflop. Most double suited hands play fine HU, its not a great hand but its ok when playing deep stacked.