Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rush continues

Things have been going good since i last posted. I even won at York horse races... i must run good. My stats at $50/$100 PLO for 2008 are sick.....

Total Hands: 17048

Vol. Put $ in Pot: 78% (13,298 out of 17,048)

Amount Won: $1,317,889.50

Win rate per 100 hands: $7,730.46

Big Bets Won per 100 hands: 38.65

Raised Preflop: 41.98%

I'm still not sure about moving up to play $200/$400 properly, and for long sessions. At the moment i'm mostly setting a target to win $30-$50k with minimal risk in those games. It's kind off annoying because i watch the games all the time and just want to jump in and play deep stacked and especially HU, but i don't want a quick $500k+ downswing, as it takes a long time to get that back if i drop down again! Dilemmas......

Tournament wise... in the next few months i'm playing the Ladbrokes Poker Million, four events at the WSOPE and most of the EPT's. Its always good to have a break from cash games, even as my recent tournament form suggests, its a donation :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

Jesus those stats are so sick and are a million miles away from my PLO stats of 30/10! lol

All i can say is your flop play must be awesome well plyd m8.

If its not broken dont fix it,


Anonymous said...

afs man just think of the money ud win if u actually put in some volume!

Mr Cea said...

link swap?

Anonymous said...

Same win rate at 200/400, you'd be the biggest winner on Full Tilt this year by far, go for it.

United113 said...

sick isn't the word!!

Is it worth moving up limits if you're doing so well at the moment???

Pud's Poker said...

Those stats make me the biggest Omaha nit in the world! What do you actually fold? LMAO!

Why move up when you're killing the game at these stakes? I know Taylor Caby doesn't play nosebleed stakes that often because he kills the games lower down.

Milkybarkid said...

I don't fold very much Pud's... only trash! :-)

I couldn't have wished for a better year so far really, i'll only move up on occasions and stick to 50 100 most of the time!